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Baseball Injuries Need Lake Pointe Orthopaedic

Baseball Injuries Need Lake Pointe Orthopaedic
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Spring is just around the corner. You pack the family in the car and head out for the evening. Driving towards your destination, you see glow of lights emanating on the horizon over the trees. As you approach, the glow becomes more apparent as to its source. You pull up to the diamond, now you are able to see the teams warming up. You step out of the car and smell the freshly mowed grass. This is high school baseball season in North Texas. Do you know who will get your athlete back on the field quick if they get hurt? You need to take him to the Rockwall orthopedic specialist you can trust.

Rockwall Orthopedic Specialists with Experience

America’s pastime is a fun sport for our youth to in high school. The competition between schools is at its peak come baseball season and players will push themselves to their max. This is when injuries need to be addressed. For over 30 years, the doctors at Lake Pointe Orthopaedic we have understood the want to get back on the field of play. That does not affect our approach. Our orthopedic specialist here in Rockwall will make sure your team member’s injury is properly assessed and treated before they make it back on the field.

Although baseball is a minimal contact sport, it offers ample opportunities for injury. Baseball players are prone to both overuse injuries as well as acute injuries. The differences between these two types of injuries are noticeable if you know what to look for.

Overuse of the throwing arm can lead to pain and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments in the elbow and shoulder. With the overhand throwing motion being one of the most unnatural mechanics that the human arm is put through, injuries will happen. One common injury that high school baseball players run into is tendinitis, the inflammation or irritation of the tendon. Pitchers are most prone to this ailment, but all players can be susceptible. If a player is to have the ill effect of tendinitis, the pain can increase over time. It is best to see an orthopedic specialist to diagnose and prescribe the best course for rehabilitation.

Acute injuries can happen as well on the diamond. Running, sliding, diving, colliding, and swinging are all common actions that can lead to traumatic events that could end with painful side effects. When these injuries occur, you need answers fast. Lake Pointe Orthopaedic Clinic can get you in quickly, seeing to it that you player has a diagnosis and plan for rehabilitation.

If you are in need of a Rockwall orthopedic specialist to take care of your athlete’s injuries, look no further than Lake Pointe Orthopaedic. Give us a call today and we will see to it that you player is back in the game sooner rather than later.

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