KLARA- Patient Secure Messaging

Klara – Patient Communications on IHTC Secure Messaging

Welcome to Lake Pointe Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine’s new safe messaging called Klara

You may text us using the Klara app, from your cell phone at 972-848-5861, or use this website: https://patient.klara.com.  You can put this information in your contacts.  Klara messages tell you it is from IHTC.  When you get a message, click the link and type in your/patient’s birth date so we are sure it is you before we share any personal information.


How do I get the Klara app to receive text messages from IHTC?

Go to the app store on your device or phone and install Klara. It’s free!


What is Klara?

Klara is a HIPAA-safe patient texting app.  With Klara, IHTC can text you and keep your information safe. You can text us to make appointments, medicine refills, factor refills, or ask questions about your care. We can also do video health visits with Klara.  You can also use Klara for questions about your bill, send copies of your insurance card(s) or other medical records.

How do I send a text message to IHTC?

Text us at 972-848-5861.  You will get a text message back from us with a link.  Click on the link to start messaging us with Klara.  We will make sure it is you by asking for your/patient’s birth date.  The birth date and your cell phone number must match what is in your/patient’s medical record with us before you can begin your message.

When I text IHTC, how do you know it is me and not someone else trying to get information about me?

The cell phone you use must match the cell phone number we have in your medical record to open the link.  You will enter a verification code and your/patient’s birth date before you can text us or see our messages to you.  If you text us about one of your children, the cell phone in your child’s medical record must match and you must use your child’s birth date before you can open the messages we send you.

What if I do NOT want to get text messages from IHTC?

If you do not want text messages from IHTC, reply “STOP.” You can also call us at 972-848-5861 to tell us you do not want to use text.If you decide later, you want to text us using Klara, you will need to use the website: https://patient.klara.com and “opt-in” for messages from us. You can also call us at 972-848-5861.

How do I send a message on my phone or computer?

To use Klara on your phone or computer:

1. Enter https://patient.klara.com in Safari or Google Chrome browser.

2. Enter your cell phone number and click “Submit”.

3. Enter the code that was sent to your phone in the boxes.

4. Choose IHTC.

5. Choose the patient who you want to text us about.

6. The name of the person you want to talk about should appear at the top. If correct, enter the birth date for that person.

7. You may choose to uncheck the box “Remember this device for 30 days” if you feel it is safer to enter the patient’s birth date every time you want to see messages for this person. This is up to you.

8. Choose “Confirm”.

9. Choose “Click to write message” in the bottom left corner to type your message.

10. Choose the paperclip in the bottom right corner if you need to send us copies of forms or pictures.

11. When you are ready, choose “Send”.

Great job!  You have just sent a message to IHTC using Klara!  You will get a message back from IHTC very soon!

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