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Types of Fractures and How to Treat Them

types of fractures

An injury from a bone fracture, also known as a broken bone, has many different types and therefore several different treatment options. Learn about the different types of fractures and how to treat them.

Types of fractures

Several different types of fractures exist based on how the injury occurred and severity of the injury. These types include:

  • Greenstick: the bone is bent and fractures, but does not completely separate
  • Transverse: a straight line across the bone
  • Spiral: around the bone and common in a twisting injury
  • Oblique: diagonal break across the bone.
  • Compression: crushed, not a line break
  • Comminuted: the site of the break is 3+ pieces and fragments are present
  • Segmental: the bone fractures in two places

Types of treatment

Before treatment can begin, your doctor must make a diagnosis and confirm which kind of fracture you have. You will be asked your medical history and how you got the injury. Then your doctor will perform a physical examination. Sometimes, your doctor requires imaging to confirm the break, which may be x-ray, MRI, or a CT scan.

Your treatment plan for a fractured bone depends on the type and severity of the break. After the diagnosis, your doctor will determine the best plan of action for healing your fracture and getting you back to your normal level of activity. Common treatment options include:

  • Splint/cast: limits motion of the area to promote healing
  • Medication: for pain management
  • Traction: for more severe fractures, traction may be used to pull the injured body part to return the bones length and alignment
  • Surgery: for the most severe cases, surgery may be used to place the bones back in their proper position

Lake Pointe can treat your fractures now

Lake Pointe Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is open to treat acute injuries, which includes all types of fractures. We are also offering telemedicine virtual visits for cases that don’t require a physical visit. If you think you have a fracture, contact us to set up an appointment and we will help you decide whether a virtual or in-person visit is needed.

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