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10 Tips for Injury Prevention for Athletes

injury prevention for athletes

What do all sports have in common? Injuries. No matter what sport you play, there is always a risk of any kind of injury. Keep on reading to find our 10 tips for injury prevention for athletes.

Reasons for Injury

The pressure to be at peak physical health in order to win is enormous, no matter what age you are. Athletes’ competitive spirit drives many to continue playing on an injury, often increasing the severity. In order to maintain our bodies, we first have to give them the care that they need. The better care we take, the less likely we are to have an injury altogether.

10 Tips for Injury Prevention for Athletes

  • Don’t skip the warm-up

Doing a proper warm-up and stretching is great for your body. This can help make sure your muscles have plenty of blood flow and are loose before you play.

  • Practice proper technique

Whether it’s baseball, gymnastics, or anything in between, proper technique and form are important. They can help you compete safely which is key for injury prevention for athletes.

  • Take breaks

No one is built to play forever. Make sure you are taking frequent breaks to rest your muscles and refuel your body, especially during practice.

  • Don’t play through pain

If it hurts, stop. No game is worth sustaining a severe injury. Take the time to get assessed by a trainer or doctor to make sure you don’t need treatment.

  • Prioritize recovery

Have you ever observed a pro athlete after a practice or game? They are being worked on by therapists and stretching to give their bodies plenty of time to relax. Always leave time to properly recover.

  • Strengthen your muscles

Whether it’s with bodyweight or free weights, take time to strengthen your muscles to increase injury resistance.

  • Increase your flexibility

Stretch, stretch, STRETCH! Increasing your flexibility and stretching your muscles on a daily basis is good for you regardless of your athletic ability. Doing this regularly is proven to be a successful method for injury prevention for athletes.

  • Drink Water

One of the fastest ways for your body to heal is to make sure you are hydrated. Make sure you are drinking extra if the weather is hot!

  • Wear the right gear/ use the right equipment

Wear the right gear every time you play and guard your body. Also, proper equipment increases safety and decreases the risk of injury.

  • Visit your doctor if something hurts or doesn’t feel right

If something doesn’t feel right, see a doctor. At Lake Pointe Orthopaedics, our physicians are experts in injury care and injury prevention for athletes. Contact us today to speak with one of our providers about your sports injury.

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