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Common Swimming Injuries

common swimming injuries

Summer is almost here! For people of all ages, summer means the increased ability to get outside and enjoy the water. Whether it is lakes, pools, the oceans, or just your local swimming hole, many enjoy exercising and playing in the cool water. However, swimming, like any physical activity, can come with a risk. We are going to discuss the most common swimming injuries and what you can do if you sustain one.

What Causes Swimming Injuries?

Swimming injuries generally stem from poor stroke mechanics, repetitive overuse, and inflexibility. By taking action to improve one’s swimming form, not overdoing it, and stretching regularly, swimming injuries can be prevented.

Common Swimming Injuries

Neck Injuries

When swimming, the neck often has to hold a contorted position, like when in breaststroke, or rotate from side to side, like during freestyle stroke. If done improperly or too much too quickly, it can cause significant strain on the neck.

Swimmer’s Shoulder

A swimmer’s shoulders and arms can be at serious risk if their technique is incorrect or even just overused. Shoulder and arm injuries can include rotator cuff impingement, rotator cuff tears, bicep tendonitis, bursitis, and irritation and inflammation to the shoulders or arms.

Swimmer’s Knee

Recreational swimmers who take a leisurely approach to swimming rarely have trouble with their knees. However, when swimming becomes more competitive, swimmers can injure their knees. Generally, swimmer’s knee occurs during breaststroke if the swimmer rotates their feet out as they swim. This motion can strain the ligaments in the knee and lead to pain, swelling, inflammation, and internal damage.

Back & Hip Pain

The back and hips are other areas where competitive swimmers may sustain injuries due to the forceful motion of the dolphin kick or repetitive overuse. Inflammation in the hip’s tendons and lower back disc pain are the most common.

Lake Pointe Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

We understand that swimming injuries are a common problem that can impede your ability to enjoy the sunny summer months. If you have sustained a swimming injury or are experiencing pain or soreness after 48 hours, we highly suggest that you make an appointment with one of our highly-trained specialists. Our team will diagnose and present you with a set of treatment options to get you back up and swimming in no time!

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