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Dr. Jagdeep S. Sodhi, MD

Dr. Jagdeep S. Sodhi, MD 

Jagdeep S. Sodhi, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing hand and upper extremity.  His goal is to provide patients with better function obtained through repair/reconstruction of injured extremities.  He was inspired to subspecialize in hand and upper extremity surgical medicine because of personal experiences with his mother.

Dr. Sodhi was inspired to specialize in hand and upper extremity surgical medicine because of his personal experiences with his mother. She suffered deeply from rheumatoid arthritis and required multiple hand and upper extremity surgeries to preserve and improve function. She was his inspiration to aid others in getting their health and happiness back.

Prior to joining the Lake Pointe Orthopaedic team, Dr. Sodhi lived a rich and fascinating life. He was proud to serve in the military for nearly 17 years, performing duty in the United States and Europe as a medic for the infantry and as a physician.

After retiring from the military, Dr. Sodhi worked in Green Bay, WI, as a team physician to high schools and sports teams. In addition, he held a position as a voluntary adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin, where he taught medical student orthopaedic surgery.

From there, he moved to Scottsdale, AZ, where he established Scottsdale Hand to Shoulder Center. Dr. Sodhi was an active member of the community, participating in multiple community organizations and the local Chamber of Commerce. Due to personal reasons, Dr. Sodhi returned home to Texas. He loves Texan culture and the kind people he gets to serve, so he was excited to join the Lake Orthopaedics team.

Dr. Sodhi loves to work with his hands, identifying and solving problems in and out of the clinic. In his free time, he is a part-time mechanic. “I love tinkering in the garage and working in the operating room,” said Dr. Sodhi.

Outside work and the garage, practicing sports and spending time with family are the primary drivers of Dr. Sodhi’s passions. Earlier in life, he was involved in gymnastics and wrestling, and he continues to stay active to this day. Dr. Sodhi has a wife and three beautiful children; most of his hobbies revolve around spending time with them.


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