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Why Your Child Should See a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor

pediatric orthopedic doctor

Even if your child does not have a musculoskeletal condition, chances are that they will experience an orthopedic injury at some point. With how physically active children are, up to 40% of girls and as many as 50% of boys will fracture a bone. If your child does injure themselves, they should see an orthopedic doctor who is trained in pediatrics. Learn more about the difference in care a pediatric orthopedic doctor can provide

Why see a pediatric orthopedic doctor?

All orthopedic doctors specialize in the musculoskeletal system, but one who is trained in pediatrics understands the movement of growing bones and how to treat children who are still developing. They are more aware of injuries to growth plates and how they can be hard to spot, as well as how they can cause different problems at different ages. A pediatric orthopedic doctor also knows how to treat a child’s physical and emotional needs, and that they require different forms of communication and levels of care than an adult. Having child-focused care will give your son or daughter the best treatment and outcome possible.

What are common injuries for children?

Along with fractures, other injuries a pediatric orthopedic doctor commonly treats include broken bones, ACL tears, and shin splints. Oftentimes, these injuries are as a result of vigorous activity or from playing sports. Football, basketball, soccer, and baseball are some of the more common sports that cause injury, but children can suffer injury from every day activities. Whether it’s biking, climbing trees, or running around the pool, kids are highly active and can be clumsy, resulting in injury.

Who is Lake Pointe Orthopaedics?

At Lake Pointe Orthopaedics, our doctors and Physician Assistants are highly experienced in treating a variety of ages, from babies to children to adults to the elderly. We take great care to make each of our patients and their caregivers feel comfortable and adjust our methods to best suit your needs. We understand that children may not be able to express their emotions or describe their pain well, and we can help manage their pain and explain treatments in a way they will understand. Our providers will also help parents make informed decisions regarding their treatment. Contact us if you’re looking for the best pediatric orthopedic doctor to treat your child.

See what parents have to say about working with a pediatric orthopedic doctor from Lake Pointe:

“I called Dr. Aldrich’s office the morning after my son was in a dirt bike accident and broke his clavicle. They got him in right away and set his surgery for the next morning. Dr. Aldrich and his team have been such a blessing! I appreciate everything you guys have done for my baby. Squeezing him into be seen, and then getting his surgery set and finished. You guys have all been so friendly and informative. You allowed me to ask my questions and took the time to answer each of them. We feel great about coming to Lake Pointe Orthopaedics, and will recommend you guys to any of our family/friends in the future!

We appreciate your team and the urgency you showed for my son! Highly recommended Dr. Aldrich!! He’s such a wonderful man!!” – Jolene Poletti

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